Price Range Field Added to Location Entity (January '21 Release)

The Price Range field is now available for all location entities.

This field is a drop-down that allows you to choose a range from “$” to “$$$$” depending on your pricing. Price Range can be sent to various supported endpoints including Listings and Pages to help you provide customers with even more information about your business.

In addition to entity edit, you can also add this field to entities using the Data Upload tool. To do this, enter the appropriate number of dollar signs in your spreadsheet. Note that the dollar sign is the only supported symbol for an upload, and should be used for all regions and currencies.

Previously, the Price Range field was only available on the location entity in certain circumstances or with specific subscriptions.

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Hello! I have a client that would like to turn this on, but this feature is not an available option in the form to turn on monthly release features. Do we know when this feature will become available to turn on in accounts?