Publishers that pull into Yext's Reviews Dashboard

Hi Yext Team!

I’ve heard that it’s only GMB, FB, and Yelp that we can pull in Reviews from. However, I have clients using another product that pulls in YP, Tripadvisor, etc. I could not find this information in the Help Center. Is this something that Yext can do too or are there other publishers Yext can pull in?

Hey Annie,

You can use the new Publishers vertical on our Help site search: here’s the query “publishers that support review monitoring”. You’ll notice this filters to the facet for the Supported Feature “Review Monitoring”. Feel free to come to this search vertical and filter down to this or other supported features. As you can see, YP and TripAdvisor are both support Review Monitoring.

Updating this because the URL has changed for searching publishers on the Help Center. These are the publishers that support review monitoring!