Query Suggestions (December '20 Release)

Our Answers Query Suggestions are getting several exciting improvements! Previously, Administrators had the ability to set business-specific hardcoded prompts on universal search. Now, in addition to universal search, Admins can set vertical-specific Query Suggestions and can also take advantage of new “madlibs” style suggestions that dynamically insert Knowledge Graph data into the searcher’s Query Suggestions.

For example, a retail shoe store may want to suggest all locations by city, based on its Knowledge Graph data, when a user starts typing “locations in…”. An Admin can now accomplish this by adding locations in [[address.city]] to the location vertical’s verticalPrompts :


The above set up is configurable in the JSON Config editor within the new querySuggestions object:

 "querySuggestions": {
        "popularQueriesBlacklistedTerms": [],
        "universalPrompts": [
          "Locations near me",
          "What are your hours?",
          "Shoes under $150",
          "NYC store phone number"
        "verticalPrompts": {
          "locations": [
            "locations in [[address.city]]",
            "locations in [[address.region]]"
          "faqs": [
          "products": [
            "do you have [[c_category]] shoes",

Another use-case is that a healthcare brand may want to suggest languages spoken and conditions treated queries within a doctors vertical. Using vertical prompts within Query Suggestions and Knowledge Graph data, this is now possible:

Doctors who speak [[languages]] and treat [[c_conditionsTreated]]

To learn more about this feature, visit the Query Suggestions training unit.


This looks like a great new feature that I’m excited to implement for my client!

I’ve followed the steps outlined in the module and changed my configuration label to production to test. However, when clicking into the search bar I’m not seeing any immediate dropdown prompts. They only appear once I begin typing.

Is anybody else struggling with this? Or maybe it just takes a while to index?

Hey Henry,

Did you try making sure that your search configuration with the query suggestions is set to the production label?

Let me know if that helps!

Hey Team! I love this feature and am trying to add it for a few of my clients.

However, I am also having some difficulty with the Vertical Prompts. This release feature is turned on in my account, and I have both staging & production on "latest.

I did also hit “save”.

In the future would we show this as the grayed out embedded field so we know that it worked? It would also be really cool if we had the same plus sign as the KG to pick from embedded fields!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Team! This is a great feature, and I am already using with some of my clients. Is it available in languages other than English? I have tried adding to a German experience and it is not working there.


Hi! Wondering if anyone has any insights as to why this may not be working on a German language answers experience. I have set it up exactly as I have it in another experience in English - it works fine there! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Sherman,

Thanks for reaching out. Our engineering team has deployed a fix for this. Let us know if you still seeing issues.


Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have set config labels to the latest version, but the query suggestions are still not showing up. Let me know if there are other steps I need to take.


Hi all - I have also enabled Vertical Prompts and set the production label accordingly, and yet the drop-down prompts do not appear on the Vertical when you click into the search bar (they only appear after one starts typing). Is this expected? Noticed a few others had the same issue above, so I wanted to check if they were able to resolve.

Hey @Zoe_Tang - that is correct. The vertical prompts will only show when the user starts typing. Universal prompts however will show when you click into the search bar.

Another question! I have a healthcare client for whom I just added “dr [[lastName]]” as a provider vertical prompt - although it seems the dropdown results often don’t even start with the same series of letters as I’ve typed in (I’m searching for Dr Patel here who doesn’t even appear until p-a-t is spelled out) - is that expected or should I have embedded a different field?