Replicate Knowledge Graph structure and data from an account to a new account

Hi Team

Is it possible to replicate KG data and structure (entities, custom fields, custom field types, etc.) from an account (sandbox) to another account (customer account)?

Thank you

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Yes! This is the beauty (and fun!) of configuration as code – it makes it very easy to copy one accounts configuration into another. Have you taken the Solution Templates & Admin Console track yet?

When you’re in the admin console you can choose to apply any of the files to the current account or another account. Let’s say you want to copy all of the Knowledge Graph resources into a new, empty account. You would:

  1. Load up the source account in the Admin Console
  2. Delete any resources you don’t want to copy into your new account
  3. Click Apply
  4. Enter the Business ID of the destination account
  5. Finish the application flow

Note that you can only pull and apply the entities resource if there are less than 1,000.

You can also store any configuration files in a public Github repo and copy that into an account (url structure would be: Admin Console[full Github URL]).

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Merci Liz!
Indeed, I need to review this track again and I’ll reach out if anything else is needed to fully migrate data and config.

Many thanks again