Review Flagging Improvements

First-party reviews occasionally contain inappropriate content or spam. In order to provide additional control, and safeguard against unintended content being published, we have updated our review flagging behavior.

This flagging update expands the type of reviews which users can flag in the following ways:

  • Users can now flag External First-Party Reviews in the platform
  • Users can now flag First-Party and External First-Party Reviews Reviews which are Live. Previously, users could only flag quarantined reviews.

Additionally, with this update, when a review is flagged it will immediately be unpublished and submitted for review. Once the human review is complete, the review will either be reinstated to its pre-flagged status (Live or Quarantined), or be removed.

No changes have been made to the flagging criteria, and first-party reviews are the only reviews that are eligible to be flagged.

To learn more about Review Flagging, visit the Review Generation Settings training unit.

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