Reviews - Module 8 - Module Assessment

Hi team,

I’m having issues with this assessment I’ve gone through the steps as per the instructions but I didn’t receive an email invitation in my inbox but I followed the steps through the review generation URL in the Knowledge graph instead to submit the review. It appears in the review response tab but isn’t registering in the review generation tab, so it’s marking the assessment as incomplete.

Can you help?


Hi Alice,

Welcome to the Community! Can you try to send a review generation invitation again? Make sure it’s set up like the screenshot below. Once you navigate to Reviews > Generation, you’ll want to select “Send Single Invite” and fill in all the info, including selecting the “Cartographer” email template. Once you hit “Send Invite” you should have a green success message pop up. Even if you do not get the email in your inbox (if it goes to spam), this should record an invitation. Please let me know if this works!