ReviewsAgg in KG Source for Streams (Winter '21 Release)

Reviews Aggregate Data is now available on entity records in Streams. Reviews Aggregate Data refers to the average rating and review count for a given entity-publisher pair. Supporting Reviews Aggregate Data on entity records will provide increased flexibility for Yext consumer-facing systems. For example, Answers will soon be able to support queries like “Providers near me with 4 stars on Google”, giving your users even more ways to find exactly what they are looking for. Reviews Aggregate Data is available for Facebook, Google My Business, First Party, and External First Party source data.

In order to access reviews aggregate data on entity records, you will simply specify “ref_reviewsAgg” as a field on a Stream with the KnowledgeGraph Source. When the entity records are produced by the stream, they will have the Reviews Aggregate Data included in the aforementioned field.

"ref_reviewsAgg": [
        "publisher": "googlemybusiness",
        "averageRating": 4.6,
        "reviewCount": 25,
        "reviewsAggUid": "15495531-googlemybusiness"
        "publisher": "facebook",
        "averageRating": 4.3,
        "reviewCount": 22,
        "reviewsAggUid": "15495531-facebook"
        "publisher": "firstparty",
        "averageRating": 5.0,
        "reviewCount": 100,
        "reviewsAggUid": "15495531-firstparty"
        "publisher": "externalfirstparty",
        "averageRating": 4.9,
        "reviewCount": 2000,
        "reviewsAggUid": "15495531-externalfirstparty"

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