Rich Text Enhancements

To provide greater flexibility for formatting your data, we are adding support for the following rich text elements in the Rich Text custom field type:

  • Images
  • Headings
  • Code Spans*
  • Code Blocks*
  • Block Quotes*
  • Horizontal Lines*
  • Strikethrough*
  • Subscripts*
  • Superscripts*

*These enhancements will be made available after Early Access.

Similar to the existing rich text elements that we support (bold, italics, numbered lists, etc.), users will be able to upload content (via file or API) in HTML or Markdown and will be able to export content (via file or API) in HTML or Markdown.
Like today, you will be able to add custom validation to limit the types of rich data a field can support if you need to. For example, let’s say you have Insurance Agents logging in to modify their Bios for their location page – you can prevent them from adding images in-line or adding underlining if that doesn’t fit your page schema or brand guidelines.

Additionally, we have introduced a flag to the API to strip unsupported formatting. If the stripUnsupportedRichTextFormats flag is specified and set to true, any unsupported rich text elements will be stripped from the field value. If it is not specified or is specified and set to false, the request would return an error if it contains unsupported rich text. This will allow developers to more easily sync data without as many errors, especially for non-display use cases like big blocks of text for document search.

Rich Text fields can be displayed on Custom Pages, Page Builder Pages and Answers search results. Rich text fields cannot be displayed on third-party Knowledge Network publishers.