Rich Text Featured Snippet Support (June '21 Release)

As part of the June release, we are introducing a brand new type of featured snippet, Rich Text Featured Snippets.

In addition to supporting rich text formatting on the frontend, this new type of featured snippet will also take into account the underlying structure of a rich text field to determine the correct snippet to return.

Consider the below query, for example, and its associated Regular Featured Snippet. Due to the structure of the underlying content, only a small portion of the desired answer is displayed.

Now look at a similar query with Rick Text Featured Snippets enabled. Now the structure of the field content is accounted for, allowing the entire list of numbered directions to be given as a structured answer, similar to what you’d expect to see on Google:

Upgrade Implications:

  • After upgrading, the existing documentsearch-standard direct answer card will support both Regular Snippets as well as Rich Text Snippets.
  • If you are using document search with a rich text field, and you have forked the documentsearch-standard direct answer card, you will need to refork in order to show rich text featured snippets on the frontend.
  • In addition to updating the font size on rich text featured snippets, the direct answer font size for all document search direct answers is bumped slightly. If you’d like to change this, you can add the following to your answers.scss
.HitchhikerDocumentSearchStandard-content {
      Font-size: --yxt-font-size-md;