Rich Text with "Show more" option

Is it possible to have a rich text field with the “Show more” and “Show less” functionality on Theme 1.24? Looking at the HH training here it seems like we can only do it on Theme 1.29 and above but I wanted to confirm: Adding Rich Text | Hitchhikers

Do we have any sort of work around where we can have the field be rich text but not display the entire field on Theme 1.24?

Hey Carolyn,

Rich text truncation (i.e. the “show more” / “show less” functionality is only supported starting with Theme 1.29. You can read more about it in this Community post or this training. You’ll have to upgrade your experience if you want to use this feature!

As mentioned in the training, for Theme 1.28 and below, you’ll need to disable truncation completely since it’s not supported - you’ll risk cutting off a closing HTML tag and breaking the page.