Saved Solution Templates

If an account is set up with sub-accounts (Portal), does this mean I have to create/apply a Solution template to each sub-account or if I have clients who fall in the buckets of all contractors and home developers, I can have a solution template that I can apply to all sub-accounts? I tried to find the answer but didn’t find an answer anywhere in HH. Thanks!

Hi Annie,

Good question! Solution templates are applied by business ID, so you’d have to apply a solution template for each sub-account.

Let us know if you have any questions about this!


Thank you Jamie for this!

As a follow up:

  1. if I create a Basic Template since none of my SMBs fall into these categories, once I add and change on the DIFF, can I save this and then apply this customized one to each sub-account or I would need to do these changes to every sub-account? Trying to figure out how we can do things at scale.
  2. In my PROD or demo account, I’m not seeing Solutions under Apps. Is this something Yext has to turn on for me?