Scanning and Matching Functionality Identify Listings

I have a partner that has a functionality question regarding the “Identify Listings” section of this HitchHikers module. Searching & Matching | Hitchhikers. Their question is when they would be able to utilize the ability to manually match to listings within our publisher network. I would assume this could only be done during the initial launch of an entity on one of our license packages, but just looking for a little more clarification. Also, I would be interested to know if the client would also be available to take these actions utilizing our APIs.

Hey Glenn. You’re correct - the partner will see an “Identify Listings” CTA shortly after subscribing and launching for a new listing. Upon clicking, the user will see the matching modal mentioned in the HH module that you linked. Please note that this button will only be available for 4 hours before Yext takes over the match confirmation(s) internally. Currently, this matching functionality is not available with our APIs.