SDK/Theme Update - Target for redirectUrl in the SearchBar Component

The Searchbar component in SDK 1.7.0 has a new redirectUrlTarget attribute. This controls the target for the redirectUrl. It expects a valid target: “_blank”, “_self”, “_parent”, “_top” or the name of a frame.

If you’d like the search bar to open the experience on a new page, or if it’s included within a modal, you can take advantage of this config option when adding the search bar to a site.

Note that the redirectUrlTarget defaults to “_self” if not specified (which is the browser default and used for all search bars today).

In the Theme

"SearchBar": {
   "redirectUrlTarget": "_blank"

SDK Directly (in the onReady):

this.addComponent('SearchBar', {
  container: '.search-bar-container',
  redirectUrl: '',
  redirectUrlTarget: "_blank"
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