Search Your Repos -- Straight from the Code Editor!

We have an exciting update that we hope will help save you time and help with debugging.

You can now search your Github Repo straight from the in-browser Code Editor. You can do this by navigating to Tools > Console and clicking on the “Search” tab. Once you run a search, you’ll see a list of all the files that contain your search term as well as the line number. Even better – when you click on one of the search results, we’ll not only open the file but take you directly to the line where the result exists and highlight it for you.

Here’s a video:

2021-08-06_15-13-47 (1)

This should help you debug issues much, much faster, particularly when the code editor console or browser console is referencing a specific component, package, or other code snippet that is causing your error.

Hope you enjoy! Give us your feedback in the comments - we’d love to hear from you!


This is huge!! Will be super helpful

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Wow, this is absolutely incredible. :star_struck: Debugging just became SO much easier!

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