Solution templates for customisation of Partner accounts

We have partners who would like to customise either their content fields, entity previews, which fields are collapsible etc. It’s not possible for these to be set at the partner portal level and inherited by all existing and new accounts.
Is it possible to use a solution template to
a) set up these preference for each new sub account?
b) to amend existing sub accounts to meet these preferences?

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Hey Laura,

Very interesting use case! We’ve got an item on our roadmap to build an API endpoint for users to be able to apply solution templates, which should help with your situation. It should be coming in the next couple months!


Fantastic news thanks Kristy

Hi, following up on this (as Laura’s initial inquiry was inspired by my partner’s request). Can the Solution Template for Home Screen be used to apply Quick Links to specific screens within the dashboard and have that be inherited to all sub-accounts? My partner has already set up their desired Home Screen in the parent account, but when linking to the Listings tab for example, the URL will have the ID of the parent account. They want to know how they can dynamically link to the Listings tab for all sub-accounts.

Hi Liz,

The partner can do this by using deep linking - they can link to a page without an explicit business ID in the path. When they are configuring a new home screen in the UI, they’ll see a checkbox option in the “Add New Home Screen” step to “Make this Home screen available to sub-accounts.” Then, when adding the Quick Links module to the home screen and choosing URLs, they’ll replace the business ID in the desired URL with “me”, i.e. When users in sub-accounts click this link, it will resolve “me” to the business that the user is logged into.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Laura,

Following up here since this post came up again - this would be a great post to add to the new Ideas board, which will make it easier for our Product team to track your request and for you to track where it is on our roadmap.