Sort Default Initial Search Results


I’m working on an Answers experience. In general I would like my searches to use the default ordering based on relevance, but for the initial search that loads all results, I’d like to sort them alphabetically by a custom field (Name in this case).

Is there a way to support this functionality? I’ve looked at query rules but didn’t see an action to apply a sort.


I have the same question. Any update on this? I would like to order my financial professionals vertical alphabetically by name when no query has been inputted

I found the solution!

  1. Go to your Answers backend
  2. Scroll to ‘verticals’ tab
  3. Click the vertical you want to sort
  4. Scroll down to ‘default sort order’
  5. Add a sorting rule
  6. If you’re sorting by name, select Type as Field, Field as Name, and Direction as Ascending