Specific terms such as "Nearby" are supported in Japanese?

Hi team,

How can we maintain specific term such as “Nearby (近くの)”, “Latest(最近の)”, “Good(良い)”, “Next week(来週の)”, Next month(来月の)” ?
Japanese customer wants to know these Japanese term is fully supported by Japanese Answers.

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Hey Yukio,

We internally maintain a hard-coded list of “nearby intents” that trigger local searches. I believe 近くの should already be part of that list, but I can double check. Are there other, similar Japanese words that should be triggering a local search but aren’t? Let me know and I can see about adding them.

For words like “next week” and “next month”, we use a special date-detection algorithm to parse these words into structured filters, but unfortunately this algorithm is currently only available in English. We plan on extending date detection support to other languages in the future.


I think ^近くの.* will be a good trigger to triger local search

Hi @Max_Davish ,

I am working with a German Answers client and they tried adding “vor Ort” as synonym for “in meiner Nähe”.
“in meiner Nähe” already works for geolocalization but “vor Ort” does not.
Are you able to help adding “vor Ort” to the list of strings that trigger geolocalization for German?


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