SSO Updates (Fall '20 Release)

We have a few updates to SSO as part of the Release:

User Toggle:

Save time by directly adding or updating SSO users in your platform, self-serve. When you create or edit users in user management, you can easily provide an SSO distinction without needing to contact support.

“Is SSO User” Toggle

When testing integrations, you can create SSO users and log-in to see if your integration is working or not.

XML Metadata Upload:

Yext now supports XML formats to help increase your efficiency when inputting SAML 2.0 settings.

You can use the new option to import SAML 2.0 settings from a Metadata XML file or Metadata URL that you have from your Identity Provider. Yext can take that file, upload it, read it, and fill in all of the fields on your behalf.

To learn more about SSO, visit our Developer Portal and read this guide.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this feature, leave a comment below!