Tabbing on rich text lists

Bottom line up front: How do I make the text in the rich text field within the Knowledge Graph resemble the first screenshots? (With indents in the list)

I’m trying to format an FAQ entry for a client. I am using a rich text field. The client’s FAQ appears in the following format (using dummy text)

When editing the text in the rich text field, I’m only able to format it like this. I’m not able to indent the a), b), i), etc. items using the tab key like I would in a word processor. Is there another workaround to accomplishing this functionality?

Hi Nithin - unfortunately, there is not a great workaround here as our rich text editor doesn’t currently support that formatting. This could be a good Ideas post though, with a demonstrated use case! This would also allow our PMs to see whether other users have this need and generally get more context.