The unsolveable quiz? Review Monitoring Unit 2: Intro to Yext's Review Monitoring

Hi team,

I may be interpreting the question wrong but in the Unit Quiz für the Intro to the Review Monitoring I am asked to selcet all available basic filters that are included in the filter bar of the Review Monitoring tab.

There are 6 Options:

And to what I got from the Screenshots and Details in that Unit all of these should be correct.
But when I try to submit I still get the “1 incorrect” error on that 3rd question.
Maybe it’s a bug because I tried different combinations and nothing worked, hence the 50 failed attempts so far…
Please help me, i’m kinda lost here.

Hi Laura,

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the confusion here. You are correct that all of these options are correct.

It does in fact look like there is an issue with the grading rules/criteria here. I am working on a fix for this, and I will let you know when this is resolved so you can successfully submit this quiz!

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Hi again, Laura — I pushed a fix for this quiz, so you should now be able to successfully resubmit!

Let us know if you run into anything else, and thanks for your patience on this.