Theme Update - CSS and JS Inlining for Page Speed (Fall '20 Release)

By default, we now inline the theme’s CSS and JS, per page speed best practices. In your html.hbs file, you’ll now see the data-webpack-inline on the bundle.css and bundle.js, like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{{relativePath}}/bundle.css" data-webpack-inline>

If you do not want this functionality, you can shadow html.hbs and remove all instances of data-webpack-inline.

The addition of data-webpack-inline has slight implications for debugging – since the JS and css is inlined, you can’t see the exact place where an error occurs when it’s printed to the console. When debugging, it may be helpful to remove the attribute just in live preview.

Upgrade Implications: This impacted the html.hbs file; if you previously overrode this file, you won’t get this update. If you’d like the update, please add the data-webpack-inline to the bundle.js and bundle.css tags or refresh your html.hbs file with the latest version.