Theme v1.16 Release (Fall '20 Release)

We are excited to announce our Answers Hitchhiker Theme v1.16! :partying_face:


Here’s a high-level overview of each feature with links to the feature-specific posts where relevant:

  1. Internationalized Theme: We’ve added support to internationalization! Stay tuned for a more detailed module around how to use it in the next few weeks! :world_map:
  2. Page Speed - CSS and JS Inlining: We now inline the theme’s JS and CSS by default per page speed best practices :running_woman:
  3. New Card for Financial Professionals: We added a new card to support the financial professionals entity type. :business_suit_levitating:
  4. Header Files: The theme includes the necessary hooks to add a more complex header :tophat:
  5. New Matches Helper: This helper aids in transitioning from a single language to a multi-language site :handshake:
  6. Bug Fixes :bug: :bug::bug:

Upgrade Call Outs :warning:

There are three major callouts for upgrading to Theme 1.16:

A. If your site was created before October 15th

You will need to update to a newer node version. Theme 1.16 depends on a newer version of Jambo which requires node 12+. The following changes are required and should be committed before upgrading:

1. In ci/, remove npm install -g npx


npm install -g npx
npm install


npm install

2. In ci/, remove npx after serve


npm install -g serve npx
npm install


npm install -g serve
npm install

3. Update config.json

In config.json, (or [domain].config.json), add the following line to the “ci_config”:

"base_image_tag": "node-12.18",

B. Add locale_config.json

Once you have committed the above changes and upgraded your theme, you’ll need to pull the newly added locale_config.json file from the theme. Follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the top-level config folder, click the three dots, and click ‘Add File’. Name this file locale_config.json. This will add a blank new file.

  2. Navigate to the theme file (themes/answers-hitchhikers-theme/locale_config.json). Copy and paste the content to the new blank file you just created.

  3. Fill in <REPLACE ME> with the experience key.

  4. In the global_config.json file, remove the lines for ‘locale’ and ‘experienceKey’ (this is now covered in locale_config.json).

C. If you overrode either html.hbs or core.hbs

You should refresh both to get the latest versions, and re-incorporate your changes. See the stylesheet change in Bug Fixes and the new matches helper items; both of these impact your html.hbs and core.hbs files.