User should be able to create new Entities but not Location Entities

Hi there

For a new project, where multiple users will have access to the knowledge graph, I need to be able to set permission the following way:

Users shouldn’t be able to create new Location entities, but need to be able to see and edit them
Users should be able to create new entities from the following types: Team-Member (Custom Entity), Service and FAQ.

Also we need to make sure, that when User A creates for example a new FAQ, it always is located in folder A and new entites from User B alway get located in folder B.

Has anyone ever made an experience with something like this and has a possible solution how we could solve this?

Hi Dominique,

Currently, there is no way to set up permissions in the UI such that certain users can create specific entity types without the ability to create others, however this is on our roadmap.

That being said, you can definitely create roles and assign them to users such that if a user were to create a new entity, then the newly created entity should be in a certain folder. You can do this by assigning a role containing the Add Entities permission to a user, with the scope of that role on the folder that user should be able to add entities to.

If you wish to also have your users be able to see and edit entities in other folders without the ability to create new ones in those folders, then you can first create a role with permissions to view/edit your desired fields but without the permission to Add Entities, then assign that role to the relevant users, scoped to the folder containing the entities the user should have view/edit access to.

More information about how to manage users and roles can be found in this hitchhiker unit.