Using the CLI on Accounts with commas in the name (erroring)

Hi all,

Has anyone ever applied field-type updates via the CLI to accounts with commas?

Getting errors that I’m defining too many arguments - but even surrounding the account with quotes, parenthesis, etc. I can’t get the CLI to update field-types from my directory! Looking for any guidance here. Trying to do via the admin console times the process out / doesn’t let me update, but basically just trying to update a single custom field-type for Thryv, Inc. (ENT)

Replying for posterity –

I wasn’t able to figure out a way to apply to a whole account holistically - but by just staying init’d into the one account I was working from, I was able to pull resources, and then apply just my directory folder with the changes I had - without ever mentioning the account name!


  • init into account
  • pull resources
  • yext resources apply FOLDER NAME