Vertical Full Page Map CTA and Interactivity Issues

Hello Community -

I recently upgraded my theme to 1.20 and applied the early access branch upgrade features/early-access-spring-21 to take advantage of all the new features. After the upgrade, I’ve noticed that the vertical-full-page-map isn’t displaying the CTAs correctly and the interactivity between the map pins and the cards aren’t working as expected either. For example, when you click a pin it doesn’t highlight the card and vice versa.

Also, is it expected behavior for there to not be a way to toggle back to universal search? Besides hitting the back button will there be an easier way to go back from the search experience?

Any help here would be much appreciated as I can’t seem to figure out what is going on.

Thank you,

Hi John,

Could you confirm whether or not you’ve forked the location card? If you have, could you try re-adding it? We updated the structure of the card a bit to work with the new maps layout (see note here), and it’s possible if you have an older card, the experience won’t work as intended.

To get back to the universal search experience, you should comment in the navigation partial – this will be included by default in the GA cut of the theme.


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Hi @roser the card is forked so I will delete and add again— as well as comment in the partial. Thanks for the help! I’ll report back if that doesn’t work!

Thanks, again, @roser! Quick follow-up on this… I’m noticing some issues (in another experience) with the professional-location card and the vertical-full-page-map page (see below). I tried to delete and re-add but I’m thinking whatever the formatting fix was you mentioned above was only done for the location-standard card? Any ideas? I have a description and bulleted list of services on this card.

Thanks for the call out John! This was fixed with the GA cut of the theme and Answers Search UI Library. Let us know if you’re still seeing issues after an upgrade.

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