Vertical Navigation Link Targets Not Working - Integration Bug Fix

If your search experience is on theme 1.29+ and you’ve added search using one of our support integrations (comprehensive list of impacted integrations below) you may have noticed that vertical tab navigation does not work.

To fix this follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to your search experience code editor
  2. Once you’ve selected your desired branch, click Tools → Jambo Commands → Override Theme
  3. Open layouts and select only html.hbs. Click submit.
  4. In staged changes you’ll see layouts/html.hbs appear in orange. Click it to open the file.
  5. Scroll down and remove lines 155 - 158 such that Line 152 - 157 look like the below:
              .forEach(autocompleteComponent => autocompleteComponent.close());
  1. Commit your changes and publish!

Note: If you are creating a Yext account from one of our support free trials we have made this fix for you.

Impacted integrations are Yext Search for Zendesk, Yext Search for Freshdesk, and Yext Search for Salesforce.