Ways You Can Keep Customers Informed During Hurricane Ian

Has your community or business been affected by Hurricane Ian? If so, we understand that safety is your number one concern right now.

There are some actions your business may consider taking to help customers stay safe and informed. Customers may look to your business for the latest information about health & safety guidelines, inventory of critical supplies, or hours of operation for essential services. Providing updated information can help customers make informed decisions and can avert them from taking unnecessary risks, such as traveling to your business in unsafe conditions.

Any businesses affected by Hurricane Ian should consider taking actions like:

  • Marking your locations opened or closed
  • Updating your business hours
  • Updating your voicemail message or automated prompts for incoming calls
  • Posting announcements on Google, Facebook, and other social media
  • Posting an announcement on your website
  • Updating your FAQs on your website and in search
  • And more…

For further guidance, please read our documentation on Updating Data for Emergency Business Closures.