What is the timezone for publisherDate and lastYextUpdateTime attributes in the response returned by Reviews API

“lastYextUpdateTime” and “publisherDate” fields in the API response are in milliseconds since EPOCH format. But, Can you please let me know the timezone these fields are associated to.

Hi @Giri_L,

Thanks for this question, and welcome to the Hitchhikers community! If the v parameter is 20170617 or later: these fields will be returned in UTC. You can find more information on the Reviews API in this documentation: Reviews | Hitchhikers

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Thank you Jamie.

  1. From the documentation (API Policies & Conventions | Hitchhikers) it is mentioned that the timestamps are always in “local timezone of their associated locations.” Can you please clarify on whether the dates and times returned are in local timezones or in UTC/EST based on the v parameter.

  2. Also, If I want to get all the reviews that are created/updated on November 1st 2021 EST - can I use the below call with the parameters minLastYextUpdateDate and maxLastYextUpdateDate set to the same date 2021-11-01.

If not, can you please suggest the recommended way.


Hi Giri,

  1. The documentation you linked says the local time zone is used for events. For Reviews, refer to the documentation Jamie linked above:

If the v parameter is before 20170617: returns reviews with a last Yext update date on or before the given date in EST

If the v parameter is 20170617 or later: returns reviews with a last Yext update date on or before the given date in UTC

  1. Yes, that should work! The documentation for maxPublisherDate says:

When specified, only reviews with a publisher date on or before the given date will be returned.

Combining that with minPublisherDate with the same date should return all Reviews that were last updated on that specific date.