YEXT Hitchhikers price program

Hello community. I’ve been in the Yext Hitchhikers program for a few months now. Using my business account.

And I wanted to know, if there is a supplementary cost to be in the program?

I read about a 90 days free trial. But I never give my credit card info. Or its included if you already got a yext account?

Hi @Salomon_Dary ,

welcome to the Hitchhikers Community and thank you for your first post!

From reading your question I get the impression that you might be mixing up two different topics:

  • “Hitchhikers” is the platform that Yext offers to every one interested in learning about search in general and the Yext Search Experience Platform specifically. Registration and membership are free and open to existing customers, prospects and basically any one interested.
  • The 90 days free trial you are referring to is most probably our “AFT” (= “Answers Free Trial”) offering that allows free trial and evaluation of our Answers product right on your web site for a period of 90 days.

I have reached out to your Yext Client Success Manager and asked him to contact you for further clarification.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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