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Streams Webhooks allow developers to be proactively notified of updates to data included in a Streams Endpoint. In order to use Streams Webhooks, you’ll need a Streams Endpoint in your account. For more information, check out the Streams Get Started Guide.

Use Cases
  • Get notified when any data in your Streams Endpoint changes
  • Augment your existing integration with Streams API for your application to receive proactive notifications about your data in Yext
Reference Docs

Streams: Webhook Webhook

Sends an updated record to your server whenever the data in the selected Streams Endpoint is updated, or the record is no longer included in the Streams Endpoint.

NOTE: Streams Webhook Events are slightly different than other Yext Webhooks. Each message will contain one of the following meta.eventType values:

  • RECORD - This eventType indicates that a record has been added or updated which is included in the Streams Endpoint configuration.
  • TOMBSTONE - This eventType indicates that a record no longer is part of the data included in the Streams Endpoint. Tombstones will be sent when a record no longer matches the filter criteria for the configured Streams Endpoint, or the record has been deleted.
Request Body schema: application/json

The updated record.

Array of objects

Request samples

Content type
  • "meta": {
  • "docs": [