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When it comes to location pages on Facebook, there are two important types to be aware of: Classic Facebook Pages and New Page Experience (NPE) Facebook Pages. As of December, 2022, Facebook is in the process of converting existing Classic Pages into NPE Pages. This reference doc will explain the differences between the two page types and what to expect during the conversion process.

Differences Between Page Types

There are a few major differences between Classic Facebook Pages and NPE Facebook pages:

  1. Classic type pages support the Stores Tab which will showcase any child pages linked to a brand page should they exist. NPE pages do not support the Stores Tab.
  2. Classic type pages support enhanced content lists including menus, product and service lists, event calendars, and bios. NPE pages do not support enhanced content lists.
  3. Classic type pages support CTAs. NPE pages do not support CTAs.
  4. Classic type pages support brand structures. As of December, 2022, NPE pages do not.

Note: Yext can still sync Listings data to, create posts on, and monitor reviews for NPE pages, even if they are not part of a brand structure.

Given that NPE pages do not support the stores tab, enhanced content lists, and CTAs, those features should be considered deprecated with respect to Facebook once your page is converted.

Conversion Process

Facebook has made it clear that all pages, regardless of region or business size, will be migrated to the new New Page Experience. This means that any and every Classic Facebook Page will eventually become an NPE Page. In fact, this migration has been slowly happening over the last few years - there was a noticeable uptick in cadence at the end of 2022. While we expect all pages to eventually be migrated, Facebook has not and will not confirm a hard deadline.

Notably, Classic Facebook Pages that are part of a Brand Structure (i.e. pages in a parent-child structure) will be migrated last once Facebook has completed planned product enhancements.

As of December, 2022, newly created Facebook pages can either be Classic or NPE pages, and Classic pages can still be linked to a brand structure. While NPE type pages cannot be included in a brand structure, we expect Facebook to allow this in the future.

IDs and URLs

Classic Facebook Page URLs support both an ID-based URL and a vanity URL. For example, this page can be accessible by either its:

ID-based URL: https://www.facebook.com/1234567890

Vanity URL: https://www.facebook.com/YextInc

NPE pages have another ID, but as of December, 2022, that ID cannot be used to generate a URL for the page.

Note: If a given page is a classic page or is converted to NPE, both the existing ID-based URL and Vanity URL will automatically redirect to your NPE page.