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This guide assumes that you have an account with Search to get started. You can create a Playground Account from your Hitchhikers profile .

This guide will walk you through how to build a U.S. Presidents Search Experience. The guide is meant to highlight our products, use-cases, and the Search extractive QA algorithm and is for demo purposes only. The demo Search Experience is not intended to be placed onto your website.

Yext Search weaves natural language understanding into the user experience so that you can return direct answers to user queries. By stepping through this guide, you will:

  • Apply a Solution Template to your account
  • Structure U.S. Presidents in Yext Content (containing both structured and unstructured data in it)
  • Set up an Answer Search Experience
  • Leverage Document Search and Extractive QA to answer questions such as “Where was Barack Obama born?” or “Who did Nixon lose to in 1960?”

We will set up the Content using U.S. President custom entity types containing large, unstructured bios for each president. With the U.S. President Solution Template that we will apply, you’ll have a Yext Crawler & Data Connector set up to pull the unstructured President bios programatically from Wikipedia. To learn more about Crawlers, make sure to check out our Crawlers Module .

Ultimately, Yext Search will search the unstructured bios to return featured snippets to the user, like so:

navigating to search configuration

Let’s get started!