Step 1: Apply the U.S. Presidents Solution Template


Applying the U.S. Presidents Solution Template will provide you with a starting structure for your account (including the Content setup and a Search frontend and backend config) that you can then customize as needed. You can learn more about Solution Templates by checking out the Solution Templates and the Admin Console track.

Start by logging into your Playground account and navigating to the Admin Console.

Applying the Solution Template

  1. Access Your Playground Account and Open the Admin Console Link. Log in to your Playground account and open the following URL:

  2. Customize the configuration files (optional). The new window that opened up is called the Admin Console. Essentially, these are the configuration files that make up an account and that you are applying from the Solution Template to your account. You can learn more about how to modify or delete files that may not be relevant to you to apply as part of your solution template by checking out the Solution Template module or the Admin Console module . To keep this simple, we’ll assume you want to apply the solution template exactly as is.

  3. Apply the Solution Template. Click “Apply” in the top right corner.

    apply resources

  4. Enter your account ID and click Continue. Remember that your account ID can be found in the URL path of your account or in Personal Settings > Account ID.

    enter account id

  5. Click “Start authorization flow.” A new tab will open, which you can close once it fully loads. This is checking to make sure you have the right authentication to update the account ID you just entered. Click Continue.


  6. Enter your business ID. This is the same as your account ID, which can be found in the URL path of your account or in Personal Settings > Account ID.

    enter business id

  7. Review the “Diffs.” Diffs are the changes you’re making to the account if you complete the template application. This is helpful to make sure you’re not making any changes you don’t want to. Click into a file to view more and once you feel good about it, click Continue. You will likely not need to make any changes here if you are starting from a new account.

  8. Review the confirmation screen. Once you’re ready and want to make the changes, click Confirm.

    final confirm

After a few quick moments, the U.S. President Solution Template will be installed. Now you’ve got a structure to start customizing your experience!