Step 2: Review President Entities


Now that you have successfully applied the U.S. Presidents Solution to your account, let’s make sure all the data is loaded in correctly and that we have the data we need to build an incredible Search Experience!

Open the Barack Obama Entity

Navigate to your Content and confirm that all of the U.S. Presidents are loaded into your account.

Open the Barack Obama entity and take a look at some of the data appearing on the entity:

  • Name (structured)
  • Body (unstructured)
  • Wiki URL (structured)
  • Photo URL (structured)

The data in these entites have been crawled from Wikipedia articles and will be searched against in your experience.

Read Through Obama’s Bio

Take a quick scroll through the long, unstructured block in Obama’s body field. The Yext Extractive QA algorithm will search these bios to return featured snippets to the user!

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