Step 3: Review Search Configuration


Now it’s time to make sure your search configuration is optimized to produce the best results for the U.S. Presidents Search Experience! To do this, we’ll navigate to the search configuration to make sure our solution template succcessfully applied the search configuration.

Go to your Search Backend

  1. Go to Search in the navigation bar and click on your search experience. Then select Verticals, under Configuration in the navigation bar.

  2. Make sure Document Search is turned on for the Wiki Bios vertical (which pulls in the U.S. President entity type into the search configuration).

Confirm Document Search is Turned On

Confirm that you have a vertical called “Wiki Bios”. The Bios vertical should have Document Search turned on for the c_body field. This will ensure that the long bio text stored on the U.S. President entity is activated for the Extractive QA algorithm.

document search