Step 5: Run a Search Query


You should have a preview of your Search Experience loaded up in your browser. Now it’s time to ask some questions about the President bios that we’ve loaded into the Content!

Ask a Question

Click into the search bar and enter “where was barack obama born”. You should get a featured snippet back on the frontend:

navigating to search configuration

Congratulations! You’ve applied a solution template and activated our Extractive QA algorithm in just a few minutes. If you go back to Obama’s entity (step 2) you’ll see how unstructured his bio is, yet the search experience was still able to pull out a direct answer from the query and present it as a direct answer.

Try out some other searches in the dropdown menu of the search bar:

  • where was barack obama born
  • what party was FDR from
  • which president presided over reconstruction
  • what was grant before he was president
  • what did clinton do as governor
  • who did nixon lose to in 1960
  • where did teddy roosevelt go to school