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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How to create a new vertical
  • What to think about for Knowledge Graph
  • What to think about for Search configuration
  • What to think about for Search frontend


Up until now, you’ve been modifying verticals that already exist. But one of the most common things an Administrator does is add and update new verticals. This module is putting all of those steps together and will walk you through the process of creating a new vertical from start to finish.

To add a new vertical, you need to think about 3 things:

1. The Knowledge Graph.

For this, you’ll need to remember to:

  • Add and enable the entity type
  • Create any necessary fields
  • Upload the data
  • Add a saved filter, if applicable
  • Optionally, you can do things like create entity templates or upload configs to make long-term management of this new vertical easier Visit the Saved Upload Configuration module for more details here .

2. The Search Configuration.

For this, you’ll need to remember to:

  • Add a new vertical. Even if you like using the JSON Code Editor, it’s often easier to create the vertical using the UI and then modify it using the Code Editor. That said, if you’re using the JSON Code Editor, often it’s easiest to copy another existing vertical and replace the key values, like verticalKey, entityTypes, name, and any relevant searchableFields.
  • Add searchable fields specific to this vertical.
  • Add a saved filter to the vertical, if applicable (make sure you don’t copy over another vertical’s saved filter!)
  • Add any synonyms you think you’ll need
  • Update the universal prompts to include a prompt for this type of data

3. The frontend.

For this, you’ll need to remember to:

  • Add a new page for the vertical and fill in any required properties, as well as any optional ones if applicable
  • Map to a built-in card, or add a new card and update the data mappings or layout
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    To add a new vertical, what do you need to remember to do in the frontend? (Select all that apply)

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    True or false: When you add a new vertical, you must add a saved filter to the search configuration.

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    What's the easiest way to create a new Vertical object in the Search Configuration?

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