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New Features & Announcements

Welcome to March Release!

Welcome to the March ‘22 Release!

Each month all Hitchhikers will get access to the latest and greatest Yext features through the Monthly Releases. You can learn more about our Release Process here and you can comment on, ask questions, or like each feature by visiting our Community .

Happy Hitchhiking!


Transform — Ignore Columns

When preparing data for ingestion into the Knowledge Graph, users may need to exclude data that is outdated or not relevant. For added flexibility, we have added a new transform tool that lets users specify columns they would like to ignore when loading data into the Knowledge Graph.

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Support for Multi-Language Profiles

Now you can use Connectors to easily ingest Multi-Language data and store it in corresponding Language Profiles. The updated Connectors workflow now allows users to specify the primary Language Profile and create and edit alternate Language Profiles using any source, including the Crawler and API integrations.

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Connector Sources

SkillJar Course Connector

Customers can now use the new SkillJar Course Connector to add their courses in SkillJar as structured data in the Knowledge Graph. This makes it easy to surface content from SkillJar courses across experiences powered by the Knowledge Graph, such as Answers search.

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New Dimension — Search Term Word Count

When creating custom dashboards or reports in the Analytics platform, users can now add search term word count as a filter or dimension. This provides a helpful tool for users looking to understand how queries may vary between longer and shorter searches.

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Restrict Page Builder Locator Results by Country

With this update, you can now restrict the results of a Store Locator to a particular country.

For example, if you have stores in Naples, Florida and your customers search for Naples, the locator may interpret this as a search in Italy!

Now, you can set the Country Restriction parameter to a particular locale code (e.g., “US” for United States, “IT” for Italy).

country restriction field within the page builder store locator module

Yext is using Google’s geocoding API to “bias” the results to a particular country. That means the results are not guaranteed to be from that specific country, but they are very likely to be.

This enhancement will not impact any currently live locators. If you’d like to use it, simply open your Store Locator Module and set the Country Restriction parameter.

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Inspiration Hub

Looking to offer customized experiences for your end-users? Would it be helpful to see some ideas of use cases that advanced administrators have built on top of Yext? Check out our Inspiration Hub to find all kinds of unique projects built on the Yext platform and implemented by talented Hitchhikers.

Better yet, inspire others in the Hitchhiker community by submitting your own experience for the chance to be featured!

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Healthcare Taxonomy Update

In order to simplify our taxonomy, better align it with our publisher network, and support more streamlined Answers experiences, we will be consolidating several duplicate categories within the healthcare vertical. Any listings that are currently using the categories set to be deprecated will be switched over to the remaining category; this process should be seamless and will have no impact on your listings.

ACTION REQUIRED: Clients who use the Yext Knowledge API to update their healthcare location and/or providers’ data will need to update their ETL to stop referencing any of the merged categories and use only the remaining categories instead. Failure to do so will result in API errors.

The specific changes can be seen below. This change is set for April 13th, any necessary Yext Knowledge API updates should be completed prior to this date. Please reach out to your Yext point of contact with any questions.

Merged Category ID Merged Category Name Remaining Category ID Remaining Category Name
1505902 Medical Bariatrician 2167 Bariatric Medicine
1505880 Breast Medical Oncology 20000002 Breast Medical Oncologist
1355 Cardiology 1505881 Cardiologist
1505912 Pediatric Psychology 1512875 Child Psychologist
1250 Dentistry 1437822 Dentist
1135541 Dermatopathology 1505887 Dermatopathologist
1505895 Geriatric Medicine 2177 Geriatrician
1360 Neurology 1359997 Neurologist
1361 Oncology 1359944 Oncologist
1364 Pathology 1359927 Pathologist
1135566 Pediatric Internal Medicine 1257 Pediatrician
1120596 Physiatry 1359750 Physiatrist
320 Podiatry 1359761 Podiatrist
1366 Proctology 1359746 Proctologist
1326 Psychiatry 1505916 Psychiatrist
1327 Psychology 1505917 Psychologist
1505891 Family Medicine 1135560 Family Practice Physician
20000006 Hematology-Oncology 1505899 Hematology & Oncology
1135568 Pediatric Allergist 20000018 Pediatric Allergy and Immunology

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