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What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • Understanding how verticals are ranked
  • How to structure the Boost Vertical action
  • Example for Boost Vertical action

How Verticals are Ranked

Before we dive into how to override rankings, it’s important to understand how the verticals will be ranked naturally.

Each vertical has a score. By default, the score for each vertical is 0. The Answers algorithm will always order verticals based on the score. If two verticals have the same score, the sorting logic will fall back to relevance.

Using Boost Vertical Intent, an Administrator can adjust this score by vertical. The score itself is just relative to other scores you provide, more like a weighting than an absolute value.

Action Structure

Boost vertical intent requires specifying the verticals and a numeric boostValue. Both properties are required.

Key Type Example
verticals Array of strings [“healthcare”]
boostValue Number 50

Config Structure

  "actionType": "BOOST_VERTICAL_INTENT", 	
  "verticals": ["healthcare"],
  "boostValue": 50 

If you’re using the UI, you can paste this in to the input:


The following example will reference the JSON editor, but you can use either.

Boost Vertical Example

For a query like ‘Job Applications’, the algorithm may return the jobs vertical higher than the FAQ vertical because it is deemed more relevant. Job Application Search - No Rule

However, if we wanted to ensure the FAQ with application process details shows first, we could apply a boost. Here, we’re:

  • Using regex to determine if the search term contains ‘application’ anywhere in the string - you can test this regex rule here: https://regex101.com/r/NHK9AZ/1
  • Applying a boostValue of 5 to the faqs vertical
"criteria": {
      "actions": [
          "actionType": "BOOST_VERTICAL_INTENT",
          "boostValue": 5,
          "verticals": [

After applying the boost, any query containing “application” will have the FAQ vertical boosted higher.

Job Application Search - Added FAQ Boost Rule

light bulb
If you just want to bury a vertical at the bottom of the results for a specific query, you can just use a negative boost in the boosting intents.
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