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In this section, you will learn:

  • What is a Third Party Vertical
  • What Third Party Verticals are available

What is a Third Party Vertical

The majority of verticals will be powered by the Knowledge Graph. With this structured data, you can define discrete fields to be searched and how they are searched (backend) as well as organize the data on the results cards (frontend).

example of a links vertical

However, you can also return results not stored in the Knowledge Graph in the form of links via a Third Party Vertical - see example above from yext.com. A Third Party Vertical surfaces results in an experience from across the client’s domain based on the query input. You will need to determine what should be searched to surface results (e.g., full domain or if a certain section, file type, etc. of the site should not be included).

What Third Party Verticals are Available for Use

We recommend utilizing Google Custom Search Engine as the default Third Party Vertical (use GCSE if a client did not previously have site search). However, we can support a number of other Third Party Verticals, if the client is already using one. You can find the list of all available built-in Third Party Verticals below:

  • Google Custom Search Engine
  • Bing Custom Search
  • Zendesk
  • Algolia

We can also build a custom Third Party Vertical if the client has a links solution they prefer. Supporting a new Third Party Vertical requires scoping by the Yext Product & Engineering team prior to implementation. In these cases, an API endpoint that accepts a query and returns a list of results is required. For a custom Third Party Vertical, the raw query input by a user is sent and the Answers experience will render the results returned by the client-provided endpoint.

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