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Registration Overview

In order to start using Knowledge Assistant, you have to register to a platform (SMS or Facebook Messenger). You can do this in the platform by navigating to Account Settings > Personal Settings and scrolling to the Knowledge Assistant section below your personal information.

personal settings

ka settings

Compliance and adherence to local and federal regulations are very important to Yext. Messaging is a highly regulated action so we require that each user register for themselves and consent to the messaging personally – you will never be able to sign up for Knowledge Assistant on someone’s behalf.

As soon as you register your device, we will send you a “Welcome Message”. This is so that you know how to contact Knowledge Assistant in the future and to give you an idea of some of the things that you can do with it.

Registering for SMS

To register your phone number, you can click on +Add Number to get started. You’ll then be prompted to enter your cell phone number. Remember that this is texting so the device must support text messages (SMS).

add phone

After you submit your phone number, you’ll be sent a verification code as part of a 2-step verification process – we want to make sure it’s really you! After you receive your code, you can enter it in the modal per the instructions. Once you submit, you’re registered!

light bulb
Remember to save Knowledge Assistant as a contact in your phone so that you can easily reach out in the future!

Registering for Facebook

Facebook Messenger allows for a more dynamic and robust experience than SMS, plus it operates on internet data instead of SMS messaging so it may be a cheaper option for you. Messenger allows us to present you with menus of data or options to make it so that you can often tap instead of type what you want to do. Finally, the last major benefit of Facebook is that it allows us to send and receive MMS messages with photos, which is not supported globally by SMS messages. Keep in mind that registering with Messenger in no way gives Yext any ability to connect with your social account or make posts on your account and we are not re-using your social account for advertising or other purposes.

To register a channel with Facebook, you can click the + Link Facebook Account link. This will pop up a modal for linking your account. If you are already signed in to a Facebook account, you can click Send to Messenger to connect the account displayed instantly. If you want to link a different account, click on the “Not you” prompt to log in to a different account. If you’re not logged in at all, you will just see an option to Send to Messenger which will take you through Facebook’s authorization flow.

add fb

light bulb
This is a separate authorization for Facebook than what you provided for your Listings or Reviews connection. In some cases, you might be linking the same account but most typically the Listings/Reviews account is connected to a Business Account while the Knowledge Assistant should be connected to your Personal Account that you use for Messenger.

Preferred Platform

The Preferred Platform option allows you to specify if you want proactive notifications to go through a specific platform you have both registered. If you leave it “unspecified” (the default) we will contact you using your last used channel (so if you have both Facebook and SMS registered but you messaged us on Facebook most recently, we’ll message you on the Facebook channel).

Allowed Interactions

Allowed interactions allow you to determine which types of proactive conversations you want to subscribe to. By default, these are all turned on. If you ever message Knowledge Assistant to say “Stop Reviews”, for example, this will turn off the Reviews interaction on this setting and this is where you can go to re-enable that interaction type if desired.

You are the only one that has visibility into this setting and that can make changes to it. However, if you have an interaction type enabled, by itself it does not mean that you will start receiving those notifications. This is only expressing your consent to receive those messages. We enable who should receive notifications for each entity and the type of notifications that should get sent on the Entity itself in Content. We’ll review how this interacts with the Primary Contact and Knowledge Assistant Settings Fields in the upcoming Setting Up the Primary Contact unit .

The “Opt out of Future Interaction Types” setting defaults to “no”, which means that as new types of interactions are enabled by Yext’s product team you will automatically be eligible to receive those if the Primary Contact and Field settings are set up accordingly.

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