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In this section, you will learn:

  • Why send an onboarding email
  • How registration works and is streamlined

What is an Onboarding Email?

For those of you that want to enable Knowledge Assistant for other people at your brand, we built a tool that allows you to register those users without even needing them to log in to the Yext platform. In fact, we have many brands that have users on Knowledge Assistant who don’t even have access to login to the platform web application. The standard process to register is for a user to login to the platform, navigate to Account Settings > Personal Settings and click to link one or both platforms. However, for users that don’t login frequently or at all, we made it possible to do this via email.

How does the Onboarding Email work?

When you send out an onboarding email to a user or group of users, we assign a unique 6 digit alphanumeric code to each user. The email provides the user with that code, along with the available contact methods. Users can then send that unique code to Knowledge Assistant via SMS or Facebook Messenger to automatically register their account.

register email example

For example, if you received the above email with code “JXZX54”, you could send a text like this to Knowledge Assistant:

example register text

On Facebook Messenger, if the user has the app on their phone or the user is logged in on desktop, the user can click on the link provided for one-click registration; otherwise, the user can navigate to Knowledge Assistant in messenger and send the code. It would look like this:

example register fb

For security reasons, the code will expire in 7 days. In user management, we will show you who you’ve already reached out to and we will only let you resend the onboarding email if the code has expired.

How to Send an Onboarding Email

Now that you know what your users will see once they receive an email, let’s walk through all the steps for you to send out an onboarding email.

Step 1: Make sure the users exist The first step is to make sure that the users exist in your account.

As you learned in the How Knowledge Assistant Works unit , conversations happen on a channel and each channel exists when a user registers on a platform. Therefore, all conversations with Knowledge Assistant requires that a user exist on the account. This is very important so that we can track who is making updates for auditing purposes and so that we can make sure the user on the other end has the right permissions to do the action.

If you do not want the users to be able to login, you can set up a Knowledge Assistant Only user which does not have the permission for a user to login via our login screen. You will also want to make sure that you do not send out an email notification to these users when you create them so you don’t cause any confusion.

Step 2: Configure Email There are two ways to send the email:

  1. One-off in User Management or Entity Edit
  2. Via a spreadsheet upload of user IDs

To send one-off in User Management or from Entity Edit, You can click on the link to “Invite” from User Management or “Register” from Entity Edit, which will send that user the onboarding email immediately.

users table for ka

entity edit ka send invite

To send via Upload

To upload a spreadsheet, which is the best option if you want to send to a large number of users, the first thing you’ll need to do is export your users so that you have a list of their user IDs. You can do this from User Management by selecting the users and clicking export.

Your spreadsheet only requires one column “User External ID” with that exact header and saved as a CSV.

You can then Upload the csv spreadsheet by navigating to Account Settings and clicking User Onboarding in the Knowledge Assistant Section.

user onboarding in account settings

From there, you can click on the + Bulk Upload Users button. On the next screen you can read more about how to configure your file and select a file to upload.

upload users

Once you select the file, you’ll see a confirmation screen telling you how many users will be receiving the invitation and how many users will be ignored because they are already registered or already have a pending onboarding email code that hasn’t expired. Click to confirm sending.

That’s all you need to do!

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