Evolution of the Customer Journey

What You’ll Learn

In this section, you will learn:

  • How the customer journey has evolved
  • How to succeed in this new era of search
  • How to meet your customers at their moment of intent

Evolution of the Customer Journey

You may have noticed that when you search for things, you no longer get blue links. You get answers.

search has changed from links to answers

As a result of this change, customers have been retrained to simply ask for what they want.

Instead of typing in a keyword, they’re asking longer questions. As they go through their journey, they’re asking more precise questions. In fact, 70% of queries are 3 words or more.

And they’re asking questions in more places: on Google, on Alexa, even on your own website.

Think of the last time you bought something: You probably went online and started searching. You found blogs, reviews, and videos — all things that give you more information, but also raise more questions. So, you kept going. You went to a brand’s website, talked to a chatbot, talked to Alexa, looked at Google — back and forth, researching and reiterating, asking a bunch of different questions until you learned enough to make a decision. This is the new customer journey in a world where you can simply ask for what you want.

Put simply, today’s customer journey starts with a question, and customers expect answers.

And if you don’t answer the question, someone else will.

To succeed in this new era, you need to meet your customers and prospects at the moment of intent by giving them access to all the answers about your brand wherever they search.

To meet clients at their moment of intent with the answers they need, it is critical to structure all the facts about your brand in a single source of truth that is ready to answer questions everywhere people are asking: on Google, on Siri, even on your own Website.

This leads to better customer experience, increased discoverability, lower support costs, and more clicks and conversions.

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