How the New Customer Journey Impacts Search Strategy

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  • The anatomy of a customer’s question
  • How a knowledge graph helps you answer questions
  • How your knowledge graph can help power search

How the New Customer Journey Impacts Search Strategy

As mentioned in the Evolution of the Customer Journey unit, the customer journey starts with a complex question. In order to win in this new world of search, all you have to do is answer that question — but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Take this question for example: What is the best menswear store in London open now that sells dress shirts?

anatomy of a question

Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the question. In this single question, we’ve got locations, hours, products offered, and “best” — where would you even get that data inside your company? Just to answer this simple question, you need information from all over your organization.

In order to give customers the answers they need at their moments of intent, it’s critical that your business can answer questions like this. But the traditional methods of storage simply can’t handle this complexity. They don’t allow you to relate all this information together.

That’s why search engines use a knowledge graph: a brain-like database of everything they know about the world, that’s optimized for answering questions.

brain-like database

When your customers search for things like stores, products, offers, or events, they’re not searching for those words — they’re searching for the real things those words refer to. A knowledge graph can understand what they’re actually looking for in the real world, so it can get your customers exactly what they need.

Let’s say your customer is looking for a menswear store near them, open now, that sells blue dress shirts. With a knowledge graph, you can understand that your customer wants a menswear store, which is a location that offers the product of dress shirt. You can also tell that your customer wants a store near them, that’s open now. So it’s only by understanding the relationships between your stores, products, and hours that you can get them the best answer to this question.

Just like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon Alexa all use a knowledge graph, we believe that every company will have their own knowledge graph to answer all the questions anyone could ask about them.

And those knowledge graphs help to power the answers consumers are finding in search.

For example, take a look at the Search Engine Results Page below. Nearly all the information on the page is being powered by your knowledge graph through listings, reviews, and your website.

listings websites and reviews on a serp

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