Ability to Query Past Complete Data via API (May '21 Release)

Users can now query for all of the data available within the Yext platform, regardless of whether it’s beyond the Completed Date, via the Analytics API.

To access this new feature, simply make a post request to the existing Analytics endpoints with a V parameter set to 20210515 or higher.


Historically, customers were only able to access data within the platform that was before the Analytics Completed Date. This ensured that customers were only getting complete and validated data whenever they were pulling from the Analytics API.

However with this change, we are adding more flexibility, as customers who’d like to have access to their data as soon as possible via API, regardless of if it is complete or not, now have the ability to do so.

While you’re now able to query incomplete data via the Analytics API it is still our recommendation that when querying for data you limit yourself to data before the Completed Date, as data beyond the Completed Date can change as we continue to collect more data and validate its accuracy. To limit your queries to just viewing complete data you can use the Analytics Catalog endpoint to find the correct Completed Date for the metric you’re interested in. To learn more about the Analytics API Catalog endpoint visit this community post.