Answers Clustering UI

Search Term Clustering is a new Analytics feature in Answers that automatically groups together Search Terms with a similar meaning to make analyzing and understanding the questions consumers are asking on an Answers Experience easier.

Search Term Clustering goes hand in hand with another new feature, Search Term Labels, which allows users to manually group Search Terms, to better understand and improve search at scale.

For example, if users were to search “change wifi password,” “change password,” and “change wifi name and password,” Search Term Clusters may automatically group those into a cluster like “change wifi password.”

Search Term Clusters can be found on the Search Term Clusters screen within Answers Experiences. Here you’ll see a table of Search Term Clusters that each represent different ways users can ask the same fundamental questions. The metrics show how important this question is to users and how the clusters are performing in search (such as Searches, Clicks, Click Through Rate, and more).

Search Term Cluster is also now available in Report Builder as a new dimension and filter.

Note: This feature will become available in the General Availability release and will not be available for Early Access.

To learn more about Answers analytics visit the Search Term Clusters training unit.

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Super cool, this is going to be a great feature for clients who see a ton of similar queries come in, but currently have no way of categorizing or aggregating them except manually. Thanks Jessie!

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