Answers Final Challenge - Adding custom job card to the jobs experience issue

Hi Team,

I have been having some difficulty completing the Answers Final challenge, specifically with adding the custom job card to the jobs experience. I have found some helpful and similar topics in the community and was able to update some things but am still not passing the challenge. Below are some portions of my experience as well as what is showing in my live preview. Any help on this is appreciated greatly :slight_smile:

{{> cards/card_component componentName=‘joboverride’ }}

class joboverrideCardComponent extends BaseCard[‘joboverride’] {
constructor(config = {}, systemConfig = {}) {
super(config, systemConfig);


  • This returns an object that will be called card
  • in the template. Put all mapping logic here.
  • @ param profile profile of the entity in the card
    dataForRender(profile) {
    return {
    title:, // The header text of the card
    url: profile.landingPageUrl, // If the card title is a clickable link, set URL here
    target: ‘_top’, // If the title’s URL should open in a new tab, etc.
    // image: ‘’, // The URL of the image to display on the card
    // tagLabel: ‘’, // The label of the displayed image
    titleEventOptions: this.addDefaultEventOptions(),
    subtitle: profile.c_department + ’ | ’ + profile.employmentType, // The sub-header text of the card
    details: profile.description, // The text in the body of the card
    // If the card’s details are longer than a certain character count, you can truncate the
    // text. A toggle will be supplied that can show or hide the truncated text.
    showMoreDetails: {
    showMoreLimit: 500, // Character count limit
    showMoreText: ‘Show more’, // Label when toggle will show truncated text
    showLessText: ‘Show less’ // Label when toggle will hide truncated text
    // The primary CTA of the card
    CTA1: {
    label: ‘Apply Now’, // The CTA’s label
    iconName: ‘briefcase’, // The icon to use for the CTA
    url: ‘’, // The URL a user will be directed to when clicking
    target: ‘_top’, // Where the new URL will be opened
    eventType: ‘CTA_CLICK’, // Type of Analytics event fired when clicking the CTA
    eventOptions: this.addDefaultEventOptions(),
    // ariaLabel: ‘’, // Accessible text providing a descriptive label for the CTA


  • The template to render
  • @returns {string}
  • @override
    static defaultTemplateName (config) {
    return ‘cards/joboverride’;

{{{stringifyPartial (read ‘cards/joboverride/template’) }}}

“verticalKey”: “jobs”, // The vertical key from your search configuration
“pageTitle”: “Job Search”, // !!!REPLACE THIS VALUE!!! The contents of the title tag and meta open graph tag for title
// “metaDescription”: “”, // The meta tag for open graph description
// “canonicalUrl”: “”, // The link tag for canonical URL as well as the meta tag for open graph url
// “keywords”: “”, // The meta tag for keywords
“pageSettings”: {
“search”: {
“verticalKey”: “jobs”, // The vertical key from your search configuration
“defaultInitialSearch”: “” // Enter a default search term
“componentSettings”: {
“QASubmission”: {
“entityId”: “”, // Set the ID of the entity to use for Q&A submissions, must be of entity type “Organization”
“privacyPolicyUrl”: “” // The fully qualified URL to the privacy policy

“Facets”: {
“expand”: false, // Allow the user to expand and collapse the facets
“showMore”: false, // Display a link to see more facet options within a facet
“searchOnChange”: true // Will automatically run a search as facets are selected or unselected. Set to false to only trigger updates with an Apply button.
// Additional options are available in the documentation

“FilterLink”: {
“changeFiltersText”: “sorts and filters”, // Text that displays by default
“resetFiltersText”: “reset filters”, // Text when filters are applied
“clearSearchText”: “clear search” // Text when there are no results, conducts an empty search
“AppliedFilters”: {
“removable”: true
“VerticalResults”: {
“noResults”: {
“displayAllResults”: true // Optional, whether to display all results in the vertical when no results are found.
“hideResultsHeader”: true
“SearchBar”: {
“placeholderText”: “Search”, // The placeholder text in the answers search bar
“allowEmptySearch”: true // Allows users to submit an empty search in the searchbar
“Pagination”: {
“noResults”: {
“visible”: true
// Configuration used to define the look and feel of the vertical, both on this page and, by default,
// on the universal page.
“verticalsToConfig”: {
“jobs”: { // The vertical key from your search configuration
// “label”: “”, // The name of the vertical in the section header and the navigation bar
// “verticalLimit”: 15, // The result count limit for vertical search
// “universalLimit”: 5, // The result count limit for universal search
“cardType”: “joboverride”, // The name of the card to use - e.g. accordion, location, customcard
“icon”: “star”, // The icon to use on the card for this vertical
“universalSectionTemplate”: “standard”

Live Preview:

Update: I was able to fix the live preview. I accidentally had the FAQ saved filter applied to the job vertical! The live preview now looks correct but I am still unable to successfully complete the challenge (still showing I did not pass the portion with adding the custom job card to the job experience).

I found the error in my code! When updating the subtitle I had profile.c_department but needed profile.c_jobDepartment

Hi Tori,

Congrats on debugging your challenge yourself and thank you for posting in the community! We love to see it!

Let us know if you have any other questions!