Answers > Module 20 > Assessment: Search Queries Not Populating

Hi there!

Sorry for another question but when I run the sample searches on the staging URL no search populate in the environment so I’m unable to continue with the exercise. Any idea on what to do here?

Hi Eleanora,

Not a problem at all - we’re here to help! When I try to recreate your issue, I see content in the search results page, but no content under Answers > Experiences > Search Terms. Is that the issue you’re referring to? If so, you’ll have to adjust or remove two of the default filters:

  • Change Traffic Type from External to Internal since Answers recognizes you as an internal user who has logged into Yext before (or remove the filter since there is only traffic from you)
  • Change Configuration Label from Production to Staging (or remove the filter since there’s no traffic on the Production site)

These filters are set by default since clients would mainly look at external traffic on their Production site.

Let me know if that wasn’t the issue you were referring to!