Answers | Module 21 | Final Assessment

Hi there,

I am working on my final assessment. I passed all the tests except that I could not add custom job card to the Jobs experience no matter how I tried.

The requirements are in (16) of the description and the following are my changes:

return {

subtitle: profile.c_jobDepartment + ‘|’ + profile.employmentType,

CTA1: {

url: ‘’,



My business ID is 2518021 in sandbox. Any help is much appreciated!

There’s a subtile difference, but make sure there are spaces around the separator (|) - it should look like subtitle: profile.c_jobDepartment + ' | ' + profile.employmentType,

Let me know if this helps!

Thank you! :smiley: I have completed all the challenges!

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I am having major issues with the following:

  • Add Jobs vertical page to the Jobs experience
  • Add FAQs vertical page to the Jobs experience
  • Add custom job card to the Jobs experience

Hi Keith -

We talked about this separately, but posting the solution in case anyone else is having similar issues.

For adding the Jobs vertical and FAQs vertical to the Jobs experience, the pages should have their names in all lowercase so “faqs” instead of “FAQs” or “jobs” instead of “Jobs”. The grading rules are strict here and want that exact format.

For the custom job card, any CTA URLs need to have quotations surrounding the URL. It should look something like this:

url: ""

getting close but cant seem to get my custom card to show on jobs experience
my search bar is there but completely blank with no results or prompts

Hey @Daniel_Blumberg - you’re so close!

Here’s what you have on your joboverride card (cards > joboverride > component.js) under subtitle:

subtitle: profile.c_department + | + profile.employmentType

Here’s what the challenge instructions say to add:

  • Update subtitle to combine the c_jobDepartment field and the employment type field so the end result on the card looks like this: “[jobDepartment] | [employmentType]“, e.g., “Marketing | Full Time”.

Once you update where you have profile.c_department to profile.c_jobDepartment - you should be good to go.

Let us know if this works!