Boolean Field set to Yes/No


I’m referring to the “Work Remote” boolean field on my client’s Search experience, but unfortunately the value is coming back as true/false instead of Yes/No. How can I fix this? See the screenshot from the experience below:

I followed the guide here but it just caused errors across the Search experience and didn’t seem to work. Any guidance on this specific use case will be appreciated.

My component.js file is set to: subtitle2: 'Work Remote:' + ' ' + profile.workRemote.

Hi Scott,

Seeing as that Community post is from 2020, it might be a bit outdated. As another option, maybe you can try to use a conditional statement directly in the card. Something like:

subtitle2: 'Work Remote: ' + (profile.workRemote ? 'Yes' : 'No')

This is saying if profile.workRemote is true, then return 'Yes', else return 'No'.

Hope this helps!

Spot on, thanks @Kristy_Huang.

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